Missing Something

hope for consumers in a warm, crowded world


Missing something | hope for consumers in a warm, crowded world

J. Mark Dangerfield, PhD

Alloporus, Sydney

ISBN 978-09806360-1-7

Each and every day natural resources are found to feed, clothe, house and fuel activity for 7 billion humans.  An unfathomable volume of goods delivered with incredible ingenuity and skill to every corner of the earth.

Not everyone alive receives enough of this production to keep healthy. There is poverty, disease and malnutrition ever present on every continent.

And if this wasn’t enough, resources are also needed for an additional 200,000 humans each day. That is new people enough for a city the size of greater Sydney every three weeks — more new people in three days than there are elephants in Africa. 

There are many ways to write about his problem.

Thomas Malthus famously did it way back in 1798 presenting the idea that eventually resources will run out with dire consequences. Many others have followed and challenged us to think about lack and its consequences.

Mostly we have not been too interested in this message.

Others have scoffed at limits, arguing that human tenacity and adaptability will always find a way. All that is needed is the engine of economic growth. After all, people cannot forsake the desire to improve their livelihoods and lifestyle that is innate in us all.

Plus, the environment does not mind. It has weathered many a crisis from meteorite strikes to ice ages and has always emerged healthy and well, if a little different than it was before.

Missing something is a new book with a fresh look at this conundrum that sees us worried for the earth and yet ever more dependent on its bounty.

Missing something talks about the resources we need in human terms and presents a solution that will see us travel forward with dignity intact.

Read the book and you will find hope, even as a consumer.


Hardcopy is available on Amazon

And for a book about resources, there is a

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