the climate change conundrum

Climate change is a conundrum, a hard or puzzling question.

Every day newspapers, blogs, even mainstream TV news editors run stories about our world weather.

We are told that we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions or global catastrophe will befall us. Some places on earth will enter crippling drought, only to be inundated when the rains finally return.

Elsewhere hurricanes and severe storms will unleash themselves on homes and farms with more power and force than ever before; and the ocean will submerge some low-lying islands as sea levels rise.

Global warming is going to leave the earth parched or flooded with effects on agriculture, water and our environment.

All this is very disturbing.

Rational scientists will tell you that climate is different everywhere and has always changed. Observe for long enough and deserts will bloom, seas will rise and fall, and there will be a flood or a fire. There will be warm periods and cold ones. This is nature's way.

The media thinks otherwise. It claims global warming is the environmental challenge of our times.

Not only that, but the challenge is human induced.

Many policy makers agree. They deliver speeches and gather in high-level meetings to discuss what can be done about global warming. They will also say that we are to blame only to sweeten us with assurances that any problem can be fixed. 

Then there are those who disagree with all this nonsense — the climate deniers. They say climate change is a myth, something fabricated for political or economic gain, and all the fuss is a crazy waste of time and effort.

Who should you believe?

It is very hard to make a choice among the true believers, the rational scientists, the skeptics or the deniers. As they all seem to have evidence on their side.

Don't know about you, but I find this frustrating.

Surely with all our knowledge and smarts we can be better informed about the world we live in and it should be easier to make an informed choice about the climate change conundrum without completing research for a thesis.

Wouldn't it be great to come to a belief yourself and make your own mind up?

No need to believe in media spin, the ramblings of the politicians or the rants of deniers. Just become informed for yourself.

This is what climate-cahange-wisdom is all about — helping you to come to your own opinion.

Explore some of the 120+ pages that gather clear, simple and (hopefully) unbiased explanations of the climate issues, one at a time.

On each page, simple explanations slow the spin and tone down the rhetoric to let you unravel the issues for yourself... and help you make up your own mind.

And if you can't find what you need, please ask climate-change-wisdom a question

Or if you prefer, let us know what you think in the comment box at the end of each page. 

the reality of climate change 

Here is the reality.

Wind, rain and temperature have always fluctuated and storms come and gone with more or less frequency and ferocity. This is all part of nature, the natural cycles that help maintain the complex ebb and flow of life.

Many of the processes that bring this about are way beyond our power to control.

But, and here is the real challenge, the world we inhabit is not as it was. Humankind has changed many things because this is what we do. Yet we still rely heavily on nature to keep us fed and watered.

The future climate will send the weather onto landscapes inhabited and highly modified by over 7 billion human beings who are far more vulnerable than they realise.


What can we do about climate change?

There are many collective actions that we can take from reducing emissions to making our farming more environmentally friendly.

And there are things we can do as individuals - lots of ideas to try and actions to take, and many of them get a mention on climate-change-wisdom pages.

But the first and the most important thing to do is...

become informed.

Sort out the spin, apply some pragmatism and see the truth.

And the pages of climate-change-wisdom are here to help.

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