the climate change conundrum

Climate change is a conundrum, a hard or puzzling question.

Every day newspapers, blogs, even mainstream TV news editors run stories about our world weather.

We are told that we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions or global catastrophe will befall us. Some places on earth will enter crippling drought, only to be inundated when the rains finally return.

Elsewhere hurricanes and severe storms will unleash themselves on homes and farms with more power and force than ever before; and the ocean will submerge some low-lying islands as sea levels rise.

Global warming is going to leave the earth parched or flooded with effects on agriculture, water and our environment.

Rational scientists will tell you that climate is hard to define. It is different everywhere and has always changed but suddenly the media claims it is the environmental challenge of our times.

And all of this is human induced.

Policy makers deliver speeches and gather in high-level meetings to discuss what can be done about it. They will say we are to blame and that we can fix it.

Then there are those who disagree, the climate skeptics. They say climate change is either a myth or is just natural and we just have to get used to it.

Wind, rain and temperature have always fluctuated and storms come and gone with more or less frequency and ferocity. This is all part of nature, the natural cycle - the complex ebb and flow of life that is way beyond our power to control.

Who should you believe?

It seems that no-one can be sure.

Don't know about you, but I find this frustrating.

Surely with all our knowledge and smarts we can be better informed about the world we live in.

  • Is it important that we know exactly what global warming means and if it is real?
  • Do we need to understand the causes and effects of climate shifts?
  • Is it all the fault of our lavish lifestyles and those nasty greenhouse gas emissions?
  • And, most importantly, should we be worried?
  • Should you be worried? gathers clear, simple and (hopefully) unbiased information on these questions into pages of explanations and knowledge.

We have tried to slow the spin and tone down the rhetoric to let you unravel the issues for yourself...

And help you make up your own mind.

Click through to climate-change-wisdom pages on

  • the meaning and causes of climate change and global warming
  • global warming effects and
  • what climate change means for agriculture and conservation

And if you can't find what you need, please ask us a question

Or if you prefer, leave a comment. We would love to know what you think.

What can we do about climate change?

There are many collective actions that we can take from reducing emissions to making our farming more environmentally friendly.

And there are things we can do as individuals - lots of ideas to try and actions to take, and many of them get a mention on climate-change-wisdom. But first...

It may be just a case of being informed.

Sort out the spin, apply some pragmatism and see the truth.

This you can do by browsing through climate-change-wisdom

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What is climate change
What is climate change? Sometimes we are not sure. Find here some meanings for different situations...
What causes climate change
What causes climate change? A good question, but one that may not need an answer. Maybe...
The climate change effect
What will be the climate change effect? There isn't one, there are many. Perhaps too many for us to understand.
challenges of climate change
The challenges of climate change are present in our daily lives. Although not always obvious they will shape much of what we do in the next 50 years.
Global warming effects
Global warming effects are slow, incremental and mostly unwanted because they make our ives more difficult.
Climate change agriculture
Climate change agriculture are intricately linked in ways that we shouldn’t ignore. Discover them here…
Solutions for global warming
Solutions for global warming may be more about philosophy than technology. Successful solutions will mean we reach a consensus on our thoughts as well as our actions.
Carbon emissions
Carbon emissions make up 74% of all greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. And there is not much we can do about it.
Carbon trading
Carbon trading is either a market mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or it is an unnecessary cost on industry and business. It has been a tough choice.
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