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It may be that you

  • just don't understand a term, some jargon word that you hear in the media that no-one has been able to explain or

  • you have been frustrated that people keep talking around the cooler at work about the scary effects of global warming and you just don't know if any of it is true, or

  • the spin from the politicians is just too confusing, or

  • that the science seems so complicated, all those numbers and graphs are meaningless, or simply

  • that the conundrum is so crazy I just don't really want to know the truth

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If we do show a bias - it can be hard not to sometimes - then there is a comments section on the page that will allow you to tell us where we have strayed.

You can also use the comments box if you do not understand the answer.

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Whenever I can I will answer the question myself.

I have been around as a college professor, in the commercial consulting world and on government committees for over 30 years tackling environmental issues of all kinds.

My work has covered the environment, soils, biodiversity, wildlife, environmental legislation and most things around natural resource management. You can see a list of projects on the website of my consulting practice alloporus environmental.

You can read more of the formal stuffiness on my LinkedIn profile 

It’s has been a varied experience from the farm to the boardroom but, contrary to the opinion of my kids, I don't have an answer for everything, so...

when I’m stumped Climate Change Wisdom has a network of expert friends who are happy to assist with an answer.


If you have a comment or a thought on how to improve Climate Change Wisdom we would be delighted to hear from you.

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If you have a great option for a global warming solution, or maybe a neat sustainability idea that you would like to share you can.

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