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Hello, my name is J. Mark Dangerfield, PhD and my goal is to help you to understand environmental issues that affect you, your business and your customers.

As a consultant scientist and author, with over 30 years experience in the measurement and analysis of environmental data on three continents, I have discovered a simple and unique approach to understanding the environment.

Use no spin.

Be simple and direct.

Like all obvious concepts it is easier said than done. To ignore agenda, preconceptions or prejudice requires

  • a strong focus on the evidence
  • an ability to sort the facts from the fiction and
  • clear interpretation.

It takes experience to distill the information, data and intuition through a sieve of scientific pragmatism to find solutions.

But get the spin and the preconception out of the way and the outcomes are real.

Meaningful solutions emerge for you to apply and share.

On this Climate-Change-Wisdom page are the descriptions of the environmental wordsmith services offered to help you achieve

  • clear messages required for environmental reports, sustainability strategy documents, environmental reviews
  • concise editing of all corporate and research reports on environmental issues
  • peer-review of scientific and strategic environmental documents
  • online copy created, reviewed or edited for websites and other online materials
  • environmental education materials including lectures, tutorials, examination questions, fieldwork schedules in ecology, biodiversity, climate change, soil ecology and wildlife management.

to communicate your true message.

Download a PDF of Climate-change-wisdom Professional Services

Environmental solutions that make sense

My aim is to build paths through the mass of hype and speculation to real environmental solutions for your business.

I can place your unique green challenges into the bigger picture, even as the conventional wisdom shifts, so you can position your business for changing times.

Information filters puts the environment in perspective for your business. Your company reports, press releases, environmental plans, training manuals, project proposals all become sharper, more effective and valuable to you and your reputation.

Scientific interpretation of data, reports and theory gets the best out of what we know, reduces risk and helps put a lid on uncertainty. In a world crammed with opinion on climate change, biodiversity loss, biofuels, alternative energies, pollution, urban development, intensive agriculture... the list is long, it takes expertise to convert the science to knowledge.

Decision support can really help get the best environmental assessments, company environmental strategies and environmental monitoring programs. Expert help with decisions reassures your gut feel and gives a confidence booster to help convince others.

If you need help with

  • that precise and concise environmental report
  • some peer-review of your environmental data
  • advice on environmental positioning
  • development of environmental education material

Enter your details and a brief description of your needs in the form below and we will get back to you with some suggestions on how we can help.

Download a PDF of Climate-change-wisdom Professional Services

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