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How to love nature...

We know that nature is part of our well-being, but how do we stay in touch when so many of us live our lives in the city?

Download this free ebook with ten top tips tips on neat ways to keep connected, appreciate and feel good about nature even when you live in town.

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Stories for a change...

Free download of a new story form an anthology about to be published by alloporus publishing.

The last loaf of bread

Or why not read all the stories

Ten unusual short stories from author Dr J. Mark Dangerfield that explain where we are in a world we have changed. These are compelling tales about the environment that will provoke, soothe and inspire. There is a story about a loaf of bread, one about the industry of ants and a tragedy for a farming family; plus seven more with awareness at their core. Short story aficionados will enjoy the breadth and environment people will find some resonance. It would be great if every undergraduate read them on their mobile device of choice.

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Environmental issues for real...

Environmental Issues for Real by Dr J. Mark Dangerfield looks at some of the obvious, and some of the not so obvious, challenges for a growing human population living as we do in a finite world. Only this time it's not about the impending disasters or the guilt or the blame. This time, it’s 10 brief essays that are about the bigger picture. In less than an hour you could glimpse something different, a view that we can only see when we take a fresh look.

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